Sunday, May 23, 2010

Monica keeps it consistent...

It's getting closer to Monica's climb! Stay tuned to see how she changes her training as she gets closer to climbing McKinley!

This week's training was a bit like groundhog week in that it was very similar to last week. Sunday was a 3.25 hour hike with 66 pounds, repeating a few more hills than usual. Saturday was pouring rain, so I was on the Stairmaster for 90 minutes with 70 pounds, at a quick pace. I was so soaked with sweat that when I went to the grocery store after, they asked if I got caught in the rain. Monday, Wednesday and Friday were Crossfit days, and were typically grueling. Other than that I've been fiddling with my gear endlessly, and got all my food figured out. In general, I'm going to be slowing down a bit physically. Next week will be the last week of CrossFit, and I also plan to get some more hikes in. The first week and a half of June I will just hike, then I will rest for a week before I'm on my way!

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