Tuesday, February 24, 2009

RMI Clients share their stories

From time to time, we will have folks that are heading up Mt Rainier or other mountains blog about their experiences leading up to their climb, and hopefully a recap after.
If you are interested in sharing your story, drop us an email at jeremy@whittakermountaineering.com

Our first brave sole is Jenny. Thanks Jenny, we look forward to your blogs in the future.

Last year I would have considered myself reasonably fit. Then came winter in New York and since having grounded my bike I have been relegated to the indoors. My desk job and general aversion to the gym has, needless to say, set me quite the challenge for the May 27-31 Mt Rainier Summit climb. Good, I do like a challenge! And just as well as a recent jog around the block with the first sign of warmer weather definitely highlighted that I have my work cut out for me. Having initially read through the RMI website, several climbing blog sites and a few autobiographical accounts of world class mountaineers (from the comfort of my lounge chair of course) I am aiming to be as fit as possible so as to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

I know myself well enough to recognize a few key things in my preparation. Firstly, I am pretty time poor so if I can’t slot training and preparation into my everyday lifestyle I won’t maintain consistency with it. Secondly, exercising with people is a lot more motivating and fun; and thirdly, I can get bored of repetitive routines so I need to chop and change my schedule enough to keep me interested.

My semi head start- I took the opportunity during the winter to get some successful physical therapy on a repetitive problem with my back – the result of a small sporting incident many years ago and sitting at a desk all day. This included some stretching and core and upper body strength training tailored into a short 45 minute program that I can keep up myself at home at least 3 days a week. Once the ice on the road is gone for good, I am going to try mix this in with some running and cycling, and try to actually get out of town into some real up and downhill outdoor hiking action.

Now, I have just returned from a short vacation to Puerto Rico where the sunshine, blue skies and Pina Coladas have awoken me from my winter slumber so it is time to put together a workable program, enlist my training buddies and get started …… let’s see how I go……..

Jenny Dudgeon