Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lindsay kicks it up a notch!

Lindsay is using other ambitious goals, like a triathlon and a 100 mile race for training for Rainier! What a great way to stay motivated!

My first triathlon under my belt and now the K-100 is the next race on my list. The tri went pretty well and is certainly something I will continue to do. I have a 16 km leg of a relay race that I have to prepare for in the next month so I have adjusted my training schedule so it accommodates for this race. I also took some time this weekend with my husband to put together a training schedule that specifically targets muscle groups we will need for the climb.

Using some information off of the Whittaker Mountaineering Training and Conditioning webpage, we were able to come up with a schedule that would work best for each of our requirements based on our current fitness level. My schedule essentially looks like the following: Mondays is an optional swim (I enjoy it so I chose to keep it in my schedule), Tuesdays I do resistance training (Day 1 exercises) and a 4-6 Km tempo run, Wednesdays are my bike days, Thursdays are resistance training (Day 2 exercises) and I play softball in the evening, Fridays are my off day, Saturdays are steady runs (4-6 Km), and Sundays are Long Slow Distance runs, usually 10 + Km. Any days where the weather is bad or I just feel like I can’t get my workouts in, I have a back-up called EA Sports Active, for the Wii. It will at least allow me to tailor my workout to upper body, lower body, or whole body depending on what workout I am missing. I might add that it is fun and surprisingly allows me to work up a pretty good sweat.

Today was my first try at the Day 1 resistance exercises and they were not as cumbersome as I thought they would be (I am not a fan of working out in the gym, especially near the free weights). My day 1 exercises are the following: overhead barbell squats, medicine ball torso twists, medicine ball slant board curls, hip flexor slant board curls with a free weight between the legs for added resistance, and planks (any variation)(all of the descriptions can be found under Training and Conditioning). Most require 2-3 sets, with 12-15 reps. I have started with 10 torso twists per side and will adjust this as it becomes easy for me. I’ll provide details on the day 2 exercises after I have had a chance to try them out. Happy training!

Thanks, Lindsay! Keep up the awesome training and congratulations on your first triathlon!

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