Saturday, May 8, 2010

Laura Earns Some Turns

Week #7 Training Blog

May 8, 2010

Sorry alpine boots, but it snowed quite a bit here on Mt. Rainier this past week so it was time to get back on skis. A couple friends and I headed into Mt. Rainier National Park to do some skiing in the Tatoosh on Tuesday. The conditions were great so we did a couple hours of touring overall to gain a couple laps on the apron portion of Lane Peak, then moving on to ski a feature called The Fly. The next day we headed back into the park to head up a bit past Camp Muir to ski a couloir feature to the side of Cathedral Gap. This was a nice long day of touring and skiing for impeccable conditions. Even the regularly wind-scoured sections coming down the normal route from Camp Muir were perfectly powdery. Perhaps a few pictures to come!