Thursday, May 13, 2010

David incorporates yoga into his training!

Beshears Journal Entry 3 - May 7

David is continuing to prepare for Rainier...He's changing up his routine with some yoga!

May 7th.

I was at a two day TBI conference this past week and decided to take advantage of a yoga workshop at the end of the last day. As this was a tbi conference, there was some focus on those with disabilities, tbi in particular, and I thought this might be something that I could do with my son.

Hatha is a very relaxed form of yoga, focuses a lot on alignment, stretching and breathing, and is something you can do while seated; perfect for my son and me, as hes still in the wheelchair. Since taking the workshop, I have begun to integrate this into my own daily workouts, and I’m already feeling a difference. A few minutes of Hatha before any other routine, and a few minutes afterward, and my body just feels better, takes the exercises better. I have also been trying to develop a habit of doing some of these moves while sitting in front of a computer, but I seem to get lost in my work for hours at a time. I should put an hourly reminder on my calendar, but I’m afraid that having it continually popping up would just bug me. Maybe just a low-tech sticky note on the monitor… I’ll do that right now.

I came down with some sort of flu bug the other day, but I found that I was still able to at least take an easy walk on the treadmill. I set it to slow, turned on the television, and just walked… Dawn of the Dead style

Feeling better now, need to get back into it. I plan to go out on a long hike this weekend, dressed out in a lot of the gear.

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