Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lindsay keeps on training for Rainier!

Okay, so I have already skipped a resistance workout...but I have a good excuse. I ran the Track and Field meet at my elementary school so I was unable to make it to the gym. But, it is a new week so I am right back into the training sessions. My run on Sunday was only 6 Km, but it felt good. I’m still really feeling my muscles from last Tuesday’s workout. Those resistance exercises really seem to be working if they are able to isolate my core muscles that well. Had an unfortunate mishap on Wednesday’s bike ride; an unmarked pot hole that extended most of the way across two lanes was something I could not avoid while in the middle of an interval. I made it to the next intersection before I realized that I had a flat...a really good 15 minute ride and a 50 minute walk home, but at least the weather was good! Can’t wait for some good training sessions this week – weather is supposed to be good and I just realized that there’s only 4 more weeks until my husband and I hit the mountains for some much needed hiking and scrambling! I’ll keep everyone updated on how the day 2 exercises go – see if they are as good as the day 1 exercises I mentioned in my last post. My birthday gift today was a cook book – gotta love being married to a dietician. I have gone through the book and some of the carb and protein dishes look awesome. The book is Jamie’s Food Revolution – will let everyone know if I find some good recipes. Happy training!

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