Saturday, May 1, 2010

Laura Test-Hauls a Sled!

Week #6 McKinley Training
April 30, 2010

This week brought a few new exercises into the mix. Given that there was a bit of snow left on the Mount Tahoma Trails just outside of town, I decided to try adding a sled to the training weight. I used my boots with the snowshoes for practice, finding that the heel-raiser bar is definitely key when hauling a fair bit of weight. I filled the sled with a bunch of snow so that I could ditch the weight on the way down. I figure with the pack and the sled filled with snow I likely had about 100lbs total. Needless to say, my hike in the direction of High Hut was a slow one. This was definitely helpful so that I could get used to the different ways that the sled pulled on the hips.

I also got in a standard trip to the gym equipped with elliptical training, weights, abs, and a few episodes of one of my favorite tv shows on dvd. I was sure to do a bit of yoga as well.

Thanks to a tip from a friend, I found another long and steady trail out of town to take the pack and boots up for a tour. I have been trying either short and quick hikes on it if I don’t have much time, or long and more moderate pacing if I do have a bit more time to work with.

At the suggestion of another pal, I tried a new ab routine to switch up my old moves. It was the P 90 X ab ripper series…comes with a high recommendation. I had never done any of those P 90 X workouts but this one was great. Well, happy weekend to all!

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