Monday, June 7, 2010

Monica get's down to the wire!

Moinca is headed off to Denali in one week! Here's her training for this week...

Not much to report in terms of training and preparation... Sunday I hiked heavy for 3 hours. The weight was the least of the problems. We've had a tremendous amount of rain, so it was very humid and slippery. I fell several times, and started musing on the advantages of crampons in mud. The following Saturday was too rainy and muddy, so I took it to the gym and did an hour on the Stairmaster and an hour on the treadmill, inclined 3-30 percent. I used only 60 pounds of weight, and it felt quite manageable. During the work week I did nothing physical, aside from the hour walk/run that my dog gets daily. But at this point those walks feel like a Hawaii vacation.

Other than that, just taking care of things at work so I can leave with nothing hanging over my head, paying bills in advance and grilling everyone I know who has climbed Denali. I have one more full work week, so next weeks emphasis will be on that and trying to rest as much as possible.