Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lidnsay preps!

Lindsay is training physically AND mentally! (and be sure to check out her recipe in the previous post! - Thanks, Lindsay!)

This week was a good training week.  I am finally feeling like my resistance training is paying off.  I’m not as sore as last week and I was able to increase my weight again.  My long run on Sunday was 12 Km and it felt really good.  I feel stronger in my core and I’m not feeling it as much today, when usually after a long run I wake up a little stiff.  Bought my new boots on Friday and can’t wait to get out to try them on some real trails.  I’ve never tried Scarpa boots before as I have always hiked in Solomon, so hopefully they work well for my feet.   My husband and I bought the rest of our gear that we needed for our climb, including helmets and another set of hiking poles.  I have to be honest that I completely look like a dork in my helmet, but I will certainly be more comfortable scrambling now that my head is protected.   Our hiking/camping trips have been planned out and I’m getting more excited for the climbs.  The only problem is I know that when I start out I am going to question why I do this.  I think when climbing a mountain you have to be physically prepared, but if you are not mentally prepared it will be that much harder to attain your goal.  I always start out climbs slow and eventually my body adjusts to the strenuous activity.  Right now, my motivation for going to the gym at 5:30 am is the fear that my body will not be prepared – that fear keeps me working hard to help my body adjust more quickly.  This includes a lot of intervals in my cardio training sessions.  I have been reading other blogs and it worries me a bit that I have not been able to get out into the mountains yet, but I keep telling myself that I’ll get there.  Half the battle is convincing myself that what I do each time I am in the gym puts me that much closer to the summit and it will get me back down!  It still seems like the climb is far away, but it is only a month and a half until August.  Better get training  :)