Friday, June 11, 2010

David steps up!

Beshears Journal Entry 8 - June 11
With another conditioning hike in the near future, David kicks up his training!

June 11, 2010
I’m back on the stairs this week, and I’ve picked it up to 30 flights round trip, 3 times a day, 3 days a week. I was doing 20 flights, but I’m feeling the urge to push it, so I added more and am going at it harder. I still make sure to hit every step, both going up and coming down. I saw how I benefited from that when I made the climb up Mt. Rose. That steep descent from the summit went a lot better for having done the stairs work all these weeks.
I would do more, but I’m doing this during my breaks on the three days that I work at the office, and I can’t be away from my desk for too long…
I added more blocks to the front of my treadmill to give me more incline. I’m back on this 3 days a week as well. I carry a pack on my back and put a light dumb bell in each hand and go at it for an hour. I then move over to the Bowflex and work on that 30 to 40 minutes. Between the two machines, I get a decent workout. Felt good this week, and the regular routine has become a comfortable habit.
I bumped my stomach crunches from 75 up to a 100 count, and I got it in 5 nights this week. I wasn’t planning on going to a 100, but one night after reaching 75 I just kept going. Now I feel like if I was to only do 75 I’d be cheating.
I went out on a 2 hour hike once this week, focused a lot on that section of steep grade. I was hoping to go out twice, but couldn’t get it in. I will be going out again on Monday when my brother-in-law is visiting us. He’s a marathon runner, so I’ll take him out there with me. He hasn’t really done mountain trails, but he definitely does endurance, and I’m hoping to get some pointers from him that I can apply to my own environment. Im really looking forward to the Camp Muir conditioning climb in a couple of weeks. My first real exposure to altitude.

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