Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week Three of Laura's Training

Well, this week was a bit slow on the training front as I went back to Minnesota and Chicago to visit the family. It was a great trip for sure and it worked out well because my uncle has a pass to the YMCA. I tagged along for his workout and was able to get about an hour of exercise. I started off on the elliptical to get the heart rate up. I have found myself starting at a medium resistance to warm up for a bit. Then I will bump up to a higher resistance and try to go at a steady difficult pace. I usually cool down for a few minutes back at that medium resistance as well. I was also able to do an abdominal workout and some weightlifting. I finished up with a foam roller on the legs and on the back to loosen up my leg muscles and my back. I really like the foam roller and find that it helps my muscles be less sore the day after a workout. Ciao!