Friday, April 9, 2010

Week Four of Laura's Training

This past week I did a few different things to train. Crystal Mountain up here in Washington had a big snow day, so I hit the slopes. I skied hard all day following one of my fast skier pals, did a couple hikes to some fun lines, and kept up the pace. I was definitely a bit sore the next day, but was sure to train again to get the muscles conditioned for multiple days on. I used the hill in town to do a couple quick laps with my pack weighing about 50lbs. I also wore my boots to get a feel for spots that may be bothering me, test out the socks I want to wear, and get the lacing right for both up and down hill. Since I knew that I was only planning on two laps, I tried to hike as quickly as I could uphill for those laps. Afterwards, more abs! The day after that, it was time for more gym action after work for some brief exercise. I just wanted to get the pack on and move for a bit. I did the elliptical, weights, abs routine and headed home. Have a good day!

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