Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update from Jenny

For this update on my training and preparations over the last two weeks there is both good news and bad news-

Good news- I had a couple of great sessions in the gym and a couple of lengthy bike rides around central park and prospect park. I can't keep up with the regular crowd zipping around in their multicolored sponsored gear representing italian dishwashing liquid and the like, but I am giving it a damn fine shot and riding hard and long enough to get a good workout!
Bad news- I was short of the quota of sessions I was aiming for. Amanda and other friends were also busy so I wasn't able arrange as many play dates as I hoped.
Good news- I put in an application on a new apartment. It happens to be on the 5th floor which means plenty of stairs everyday so fingers crossed I get accepted! Moving in should also be a good workout.
Bad news- next week looks like another busy one and with only two months left I really need to be picking up my game somewhat if I am going to maximize my enjoyment on Rainier.
Good news- there is a gym down the street from work. While I am generally allergic to public gyms, I think it may provide the structure and ease of access for exercise that I need given my generally hectic schedule. Added to that several people from work are members so I will have company, and there is a great introductory offer online at the moment.
And more good news, I have just discovered an outdoors hiking group with an upcoming open day so perhaps this is the opportunity to get out of the concrete jungle for a spell.
Until the next installment when hopefully it will be all good news.....


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