Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Training Programs

Personalized Coaching from Body Results
Special Offer for Whittaker Mountaineering Clients
Whittaker Mountaineering is proud to partner with the mountaineering trainers of BodyResults.com, Courtenay and Doug Schurman. The Schurmans have been helping people train for mountaineering and other wilderness adventures for over a decade. They are also the creators of the DVD, Train to Climb Mt Rainier, that Whittaker Mountaineering recommends and sells. They work with clients in their training center in Seattle and they offer an online training service for their clients from around the US and internationally to guide them through customized monthly training plans to be physically prepared for mountaineering adventures around the world.
Whether you've never climbed more than a flight of stairs or you're working on the 8,000 meter peaks, the Schurmans can work with you to create a customized training plan and coach you along to reach your conditioning goal. To learn more and take advantage of a special offer for Whittaker Mountaineering clients, click here.

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